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BelExpo organises Belgium's participation in Expo 2019 Beijing and upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai.

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Beijing & Dubai

Horticultural Expo 2019 Beijing is ongoing until 7 October.

Next year, Dubai will host the World Expo 2020.
The architectural landscape of Beijing
The Belgian architect who designed our garden in Beijing
Sustainability and plants
The story of two entrepreneurs with a shared vision to make horticulture and agriculture natural and safe again everywhere and for everyone.

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22May '19
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Information session - Uniformes

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01May '19
Palm trees

Presentation with the Belgian Club Dubai

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04Apr '19
Information session

Information session

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Strength Through Unity
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#BelgianPavilion #BelgianGarden

Feeling grateful ✨Expo 2019 Beijing gave us the best possible ending to the #BeijingHorticulturalExpo we could imagine: a special award in honor of our #BelgianGarden. We stand beside great nations in winning this award and feel honored to be amongst them. From the 29th of April to the 7th of October 2019 and long before that, we gave it our all to make the #BEgarden2019 one of a kind. It goes without saying we didn’t do this by ourselves. Great partners making it all possible surrounded us.

Green and healthy 🌿

Progress report ✓
We are pleased to say we have quite literary laid the groundwork for the #BelgianPavilion. The only way from here is up! With the expert help from @vincentcallebautarchitects, Belgian contractors BESIX and Vanhout and the design firm ASSAR ARCHITECTS. #Expo2020 #Dubai #BEpavilion2020 #Dubai #belgianpavilion

干(乾)杯! (gānbēi!) or cheers! Belgium has a long line of heritage when it comes to beer. So naturally the #BelgianGarden at the #BeijingHorticulturalExpo had to provide it’s visitors with one of the finest Belgian brews on the market: Hoegaarden. #BelExpo is proud to have had Hoegaarden as a partner during the #BeijingHorticulturalExpo. The brewery originated in 1445 in the Flemish town of Hoegaarden by the hands of Flemish monks. #cheers #Hoegaarden #Expo2019 #Beijing #begarden2019