The Belgian Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai


Belgium at Expo 2020 Dubai

BelExpo organizes Belgium's participation in the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Expo


In October of 2020, Dubai will host the World Expo 2020.

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16Jan '20

Information session - Food & Beverage

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We have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to the Hospitality Interior Designer and Food & Beverage partner for the Belgian Pavilion: Creneau International. They are one of Belgium’s finest design agencies and export products (they’ve been active in Dubai from long before our collaboration!). Creneau International is no ordinary design agency.

Come together, right now! 🤝 - BelExpo and @creneauinternational united with their partners Fevia,, FIT, and organized an information session covering the F&B activities at the Belgian Pavilion.

We’re back and ready for the new year – Expo 2020 Dubai is coming our way in less than 10 months! To make the wait a tad more bearable, we plan on giving you as many updates as possible about the different aspects of our pavilion. We’ll touch base on many new subjects and inform you in the best way we can! We’d like to start by showing you the construction work done so far on the Belgian Pavilion.

Experience is the comb, that nature gives us after we are bald. – Belgian Proverb
Yet another year has passed in which we have learned and grown. We are full of excitement for things to come and cannot wait to embark on our adventure at Expo 2020 Dubai. But first, let us take the time to enjoy the company of our loved ones and recharge for a new year full of opportunity.