Al Wasl
See five unique sustainability-championing art installations now at Expo 2020
World Chess Championship to be held at Expo 2020 Dubai
Enoc's Service Station of the Future
Real CGR
Our governance software solutions providers
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Boost your reputation and become a partner, sponsor, or volunteer for the Belgian Pavilion in Dubai.
DJ Daddy K
This month: meet DJ Daddy K
Mobility Hub
The producers of the Belgian Pavilion's exhibition
Our Pavilion Director, Myriam Cops, was given the opportunity to witness the grand opening of Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion.
Myriam and Salua Daghai
Our Pavilion Director, Myriam Cops, shares a glimpse of the city she lives in through this film
Designers and executors of the Belgian Pavilion's exhibition
Françoise De Gruyter-Palsterman
This month: meet Françoise De Gruyter-Palsterman
traditional Merhaba dance of Bedouins
A trip down memory lane
Dubai Water Canal
Our leading man at Besix (Six Construct) in Dubai and the Director of their engineering department.
wim hoste
This month: meet Wim Hoste
Al Wasl
Calling for solutions tackling the pandemic from across the world
Brussels Courthouse
And the many ways in which they assist us in building the Belgian Pavilion.
How pearl diving created the foundations of this land