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Who are we?

BelExpo, or the Belgian Commission General for International Exhibitions, is responsible for Belgian participation in international and world exhibitions within the framework of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). Read all about it here.


A little bit of information...

BelExpo, also known as the Belgian Commission General for International Exhibitions, is responsible for representing Belgium and all its entities in international exhibitions organised within the framework of the Bureau International des Expositions(BIE).

BelExpo is an administrative service with accounting autonomy (ADBA/SACA),but can count on the support of other government bodies such as the FPS Economy and the Buildings Agency, among others, on a daily basis.


How we work

BelExpo was set up with the specific mission of managing Belgian participation in international exhibitions. BelExpo is a federal government body but does represent both Belgium and its federal states.

The Board of Directors consists of representatives of the Federal Ministers concerned and the competent Ministers of the Communities and Regions. Funding for participation in world exhibitions is also shared between the Federal and State governments concerned.

BelExpo's most recent success stories can be counted among Expo 2020 Dubai and Floriade 2022 Almere. BelExpo was able to win the Special Award for Sustainability for the Belgian garden at Floriade 2022. At Expo 2020 Dubai, BelExpo was able to set up a beautiful and impressive pavilion and welcome millions of international visitors.

BelExpo, under the management of Mr Pieter De Crem, Commissioner General, is currently in the midst of preparations for Expo 2025 Osaka. Right now, the preparations are taking an exciting turn. The winning design for the Belgian pavilion is known and ready to be built.

To build the pavilion, BelExpo is working closely with the Buildings Agency. Its architects, engineers and technicians supervise the entire process and the Régie acts as delegated builder.


Belgium's participation in an international exhibition is coordinated by BelExpo. BelExpo appeals to the various regional and federal authorities for this purpose. A Technical Committee is set up for each international exhibition. This committee consists of various representatives at federal and regional level.

Whereas BelExpo is overseen at management level by a Board of Directors made up of representatives of the various Belgian, Brussels, Flemish and Walloon stakeholders, the Technical Committee is asked to consider the operational issues of a participation.

The Technical Committee for Expo 2025 Osaka is composed of representatives from, among others, the Buildings Agency, the FPS Economy, the FPS Foreign Affairs, (Brussels Agency for Business Support), FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade Agency), AWEX (l'Agence wallonne à l'Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers), WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International), GOB (Brussels Regional Public Service) and OstBelgien (the German-speaking Community in Belgium).

The Technical Committee's intention is to think out the full content of the Belgian pavilion. Representatives are asked to research the specialities and interests of stakeholders in their jurisdiction linked to the theme of Expo 2025 Osaka. The Technical Committee will present the content to the scenographer, who in turn must translate that content into an attractive and coherent exhibition. The Technical Committee will appeal to players in the Belgian market from all regions and entities.

Belgium is a small but powerful country, with many opportunities, strengths and know-how. Within Belgium, the various regions and districts are known for their own specialities and strengths. The representation provided by the Technical Committee will ensure that all the best Belgium has to offer will be put forward during the preparations for Expo 2025 Osaka.

In doing so, the content will be divided into different zones in the pavilion. The various Belgian, federal and regional, bodies are working together to present the most complete overall picture of Belgium at Expo 2025 Osaka, in the Belgian pavilion and beyond, paying attention to their own nuances and specialities.



The contributions of the various Belgian governments are distributed according to an agreed distribution key. 

The budgets for an Expo come from government contributions supplemented by reserves from the past (based on realised revenues) and by commercial revenues from sponsorship and, certainly for a World Expo, from the souvenir and chocolate shop or restaurant.

Financing Belgian participation in World Expos

Need more info?

If you would like more information about BelExpo, our activities or our operation, please contact us.