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Temporary Building Permit approved

On Friday, 20 October, we received some amazing news for the Belgian camp! 

5 weeks after introducing the Temporary Building Permit for our Belgian Pavilion to the city of Osaka, Belgium’s temporary building permit for its Belgian pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka was APPROVED. The procedure, which normally takes 6 weeks, was finalised on Friday. 

We are incredibly proud of our team! Belgium is the third country to have its permit approved, only preceded by the Czech Republic and Monaco. 

“This is a big step in our progress towards realising the Belgian pavilion and shows once again the quality of the team behind it. We are grateful to work with such dedicated and competent architects, engineers and Expo experts. Of course, we also have to recognise the work of the Osaka Municipality team and their willingness to review the various submissions in record time.”, says Aldwin Dekkers, Senior Program Lead at BelExpo.

On to the next steps! The General Design Submission has been forwarded to the Expo Association. Meanwhile, we continue working hard on the Detailed Design Submission.

Always making sure we are several steps ahead! 

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