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Whom do we need?


BelExpo is looking for an experienced project manager for Expo 2025 Osaka, the next World Expo. BelExpo, or the Belgian Commission General for International Exhibitions, is an administrative department with accounting autonomy (ADBA) established in April 2017 within the FPS Economy.


Who are we?

BelExpo carries out major projects with a small team. We coordinate Belgium's participation in international expos and World Expos. Each exhibition requires months or even years of preparation, so the job is very varied. No single day resembles the previous or the next.


In April 2025, a completely newly designed and built Belgian pavilion will open its doors for Expo 2025 Osaka in Japan. There, everything will be dedicated to 'Saving Lives'.


To support the small team with concrete expertise in such international public events, we are looking for an experienced project manager with a background in the event or museum sector with, in addition, solid financial knowledge.


In a nutshell: this is an exciting job that puts you in contact with many people and lets you deliver a tangible message.

Cherry(s) on the cake: you get 31 days off a year, can telecommute up to three days a week and can be based in an easily accessible office in Brussels, close to the North Station and the Rogier metro/tram station.

Discover all facets of the job below and apply no later than 7 September 2023.



  • You will participate in the development and organisation of Belgium's participation in the World Expo Expo 2025 Osaka, based on the guidelines and vision defined by the BelExpo Board of Directors.
  • You take part in the meetings of the Expo 2025 Osaka Technical Committee of which the commissioner-general and the deputy commissioner-general are respectively chairman and vice-chairman.
  • You will maintain excellent relations with international and regional stakeholders in the international Think of government institutions, as well as bodies such as the Buildings Agency, embassies and regional agencies (AWEX, FIT & HUB) within the framework of Expo 2025 Osaka.
  • You actively participate in the budgetary, administrative and personnel management of the Belgian pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka.
  • You provide, from the project for Expo 2025 Osaka, the Commissioner-General and the management committee with the necessary input for, among other things:
    • drawing up the financial plan based on the expected income and expenditure for Expo 2025 Osaka;
    • preparing the annual investment programme, including on the basis of the multiannual financial plan, as well as its (interim) follow-up;
    • preparing an annual budget for the beginning of the fiscal year and, if necessary, adjusting it during the fiscal year;
    • closing the accounts for the previous financial year;
    • preparing an annual report on activities and financial developments
  • You support the Commissioner-General regarding the general staff policy of the Belgian pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka, in particular the definition of the procedures for recruitment and selection and the reimbursement of staff members' services and costs.
  • You support the department for the content orientation, elaboration and organisation of the Belgian participation in Expo 2025 Osaka.
  • You support the Commissioner-General in developing a vision, strategy and you call on your own network to gather the necessary sponsorship.


  • You have a good knowledge of public tender principles.
  • You know how to prepare and maintain a long-term budget, as well as how to manage day-to-day administration and staff.
  • You are familiar with modern information and communication tools.
  • You communicate fluently with different target groups.
  • You are aware of the exemplary behaviour, in line with Belgian values and culture, that is expected of you.
  • You opt for sustainable solutions when internal or external challenges arise.
  • You are able to develop a clear and precise vision for the job.
  • You have demonstrable language skills in English, Dutch and French.


  • You have a global vision of the Asian world and are able to highlight the assets of Belgium and its entities in it.
  • You are ideally familiar with the functioning and activities of the BIE.
    You are familiar with the political and administrative structure of Belgium and its policy objectives abroad.
  • You ideally have management knowledge of the contemporary experience sector.
  • You ideally have good knowledge of current insights and challenges regarding (international) visitor flows, visitor management and the so-called visitor journey.
  • You have professional experience abroad, preferably in a non-Western culture.


  • You hold at least a higher education diploma of the short type or a basic 2nd cycle diploma (e.g. licentiate/master) of university education.


Full-time position - duration of contract

A fixed-term, full-time contract. The contract will run until 31 March 2026 (approximately 6 months after the end of Expo 2025 Osaka).

You will be recruited for a fixed term in salary scale A3 (consultant).


Minimum starting salary: EUR 64,756.76 (gross annual salary, adjusted according to the current index, statutory allowances not included).

  • teleworking up to 3 days/week
  • you can apply for a bilingualism allowance
  • contribution to hospitalisation insurance as from 2024
  • free use of public transport for home-work travel
  • use of a smartphone from the service with data subscription
  • you can apply for an allowance for commuting by bicycle
  • easy access to public transport
  • benefits and interesting offers, thanks to the Fed+ card
  • company restaurant with democratic prices
  • flexible working hours within the 38-hour working week
  • 31 leave days per year

Want to know more about the position or the selection procedure?


Renaat Schrooten - Director-General General for Economic Analyses and International Economy and Temporary Manager for Expo 2025 Osaka

Belgian Commission General for International Exhibitions
Tel: 02 277 72 45

E-mail :




  1. Diploma required at the registration deadline:
  • You hold at least a higher education diploma of the short type or a basic 2nd cycle diploma (e.g. licentiate/master) of university education.
  1. Experience
  • You have at least 6 years of relevant professional experience of which:
    • at least 4 years in a managerial position where you were responsible for at least l of these areas: human resources management, strategy or financial management of an institution (private or public);
    • at least 2 years' experience in a coordinating role for an international public event (development and implementation of international events for large audiences).

To apply: provide us with a detailed curriculum vitae demonstrating required qualifications and relevant professional experience by the application deadline.


Selection procedure




  • Step 1: CV-screening

Only CVs linked to the required degree and experience will be considered for step 2. The first step is scheduled for mid-September 2023.

  • Step 2: practical case (1 hour) + interview (1 hour)

The interview will assess whether your technical skills and behavioural competences meet the job requirements. It will also probe your motivation, your interests and your feel for the field.

Before the oral test, you have to analyse a case. You will be given the necessary time to prepare that case. It is one of the topics raised during the interview.

Your CV and cover letter act as additional sources of information during the interview. That test is scheduled around mid-September 2023.


And after the selection process?

Did you get elected?

The list of selected candidates will consist of those who best fit the job description and competence profile.


After receiving your result for a selection test, you can request written feedback within 2 months at



You can apply until 7 September 2023 at 11:59pm.

Apply by sending an e-mail to

Please enclose with your CV a cover letter and a copy of your degree(s) or the attestation of your degree(s).