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La Belgique à Expo 2020 Dubaï

BelExpo organise la participation de la Belgique à l'Expo 2020 Dubai.



En 2020, Dubai accueillera l’exposition universelle Expo 2020.
Expo 2020 Dubai
Les organisateurs de l'Expo 2020 et les participants au comité directeur explorent le rapport de l'événement
19fév '20

Business Workshop "Dubaï 2020"

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04mar '20
Family shopping

Session d'info - Belgian Gift Shop

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16jan '20
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This week is Women in Construction Week. The perfect occasion to update you on the construction process by Besix Group of our Belgian Pavilion, and to tell you a bit more about the women working there. What a meaningful way to formally introduce them as the contractors for the Belgian Pavilion in Dubai. Besix Group works to include people of every sex, race, religion, rank, social background and education level in their operations, they affirm.

The stage is set, with less than 250 days to go until we inspire and empower millions at @expo2020dubai, The World’s Greatest Show. #expo2020 #dubai #AlWaslPlaza

#ThrowbackThursday ⛴ to the early days of the Port of Liège. The Meuse has always been the backbone of the origin and evolution of the Liège region. Although the exploitation of the Liège port complex in its current form is rather novel, the transport by ship to and from Liège has existed for over a thousand years. From as early as the 10th century, Liège traded goods with the Netherlands, France, England, and Germany. Liège received the most precious products of that time.

#Throwbackthursday to, well… yesterday, when we attended the Business Workshop "DUBAI 2020" at the Besix Group HQ organized by the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber. So many talented and innovation-seeking minds brought together for a wonderful afternoon and a few of them can be seen in this picture, H.E. Mohamed Abushahab - Ambassador of the UAE in Brussels, Mr. Qaisar Hijazin - Secretary General of the ABLCC and BelExpo's Commissioner General Patrick Vercauteren Drubbel.