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Connecter les Esprits, Construire le Futur

Expo 2020 Dubai

À propos de l'Expo 2020 Dubai
Du 1 octobre 2021 au 31 mars 2022, l’Émirat accueillera l’exposition universelle dans l’objectif de « Connecter les Esprits, Construire le Futur ».
Al Wasl Plaza
Vendredi 29 mai, Expo 2020 Dubaï a été officiellement reportée d'un an
19fév '20

Business Workshop "Dubaï 2020"

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04mar '20
Family shopping

Session d'info - Belgian Gift Shop

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Al Wasl Plaza
Vendredi 29 mai, Expo 2020 Dubaï a été officiellement reportée d'un an
16jan '20
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Our future requires collective action to the challenges we face. @expo2020dubai is already collaborating with people and communities across the globe, supporting and inspiring solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time. Because together, we can create a brighter future. #expo2020 #Dubai #future #togetherwearestronger

As of today, Friday May 29th, Expo 2020 Dubai has officially been postponed by one year. The World Expos governing body’s Member States have voted to confirm a one-year postponement of Expo 2020, which will now take place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. This hasn’t come as a surprise.

We need each other, now and always. Let us come together, for now in thought, and hopefully soon for real, because we are simply stronger this way. • Wishing everyone Ramadan Mubarak ? • May you know peace and good health. #ramadanmubarak #WeAreOne #ramadan2020

We're back with an update about Expo 2020 Dubai. The Executive Committee of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) has unanimously agreed to propose the postponement of Expo 2020 Dubai to 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. It's important to know that changing the dates of an Expo requires the support of a two-thirds majority of eligible votes of Member States of the BIE, thus the General Assembly will now be called upon to vote.

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