The philosophy of Renson Outdoor Living


The philosophy of Renson Outdoor Living

We all want to reconnect with nature as much as possible. In our pursuit of healthy living and working we are drawn to the outdoors, which boosts our energy levels and concentration, and makes us happier. Plenty of reasons to go outside more often. By investing in a beautiful outdoor space, we can enjoy life even more – and be healthier.

Creating healthy spaces

Renson’s mission has always been ‘Creating healthy spaces'. We are always on the lookout for new ways to achieve that. An example? Creating an outdoor experience with all the benefits of a cosy indoor space. Surrounded by nature, you breathe fresh air, relax and recharge your batteries. Outdoor living comes in many different forms, from a lively party or a refreshing sports session to a day of efficient teleworking from the outdoor office. Whether you are young or old, active or quiet, keen on being alone or rather in a group: Renson Outdoor Living has something for everyone.

Outdoor living is all about customisation

When you invest in an outdoor experience today, you rightly expect more than just a terrace covering to shelter you from the elements. Consumers want a personalised outdoor living space, preferably with the necessary dynamics and flexibility to meet specific wishes and expectations at any time. From an outdoor kitchen to a meeting room, and from a man cave to a children’s paradise, versatility is a must for you to enjoy your new outdoor space to the full.

Connected with nature

Restoring our connection with nature is also a hot topic in design and architecture, where it is called ‘biophilic design’. This is nothing new. Almost 2,500 years ago, the hanging gardens of Babylon were an impressive example of biophilic design avant la lettre. The key aspects in this design philosophy are natural light, plants, natural textures and materials, and views of the surrounding greenery. Each of these pillars has a positive effect on well-being and health. ‘Forest bathing’, a concept of Japanese origin, is also part of this philosophy. It means taking a walk while letting all your senses soak up everything nature has to offer - almost literally ‘bathing in the forest’. Various studies have shown that ‘forest bathing’ really does have a positive impact on health. In a nutshell, it is clear that we should spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors.

Renson goes all in

Renson’s outdoor living spaces protect you from the elements without compromising on design and an unforgettable experience. They combine the comfort of the indoors with the healing effect of the outdoors. But there is more… A wide range of colours, textures, materials, accessories and techniques allow you to customise every solution. To fulfil its ambition even better, Renson is building a brand-new outdoor site at De Prijkels in Deinze, where the possibilities for outdoor living will be explored even further. The sustainable pillars of this new base? An almost energy-neutral building, a minimal ecological footprint and the use of aluminium as a fully recyclable raw material. Because here too, we aim to be one with nature.