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Belgians and their food

It's definitely a rhetorical question when asked whether us Belgians like to eat. We live to eat and not the other way around, and this comes as a second nature to us.

Belgians are big meat lovers and this can be traced back to how our gastronomic culture began. Going back to the Prehistoric era people survived solely on fish, meat and nuts but later when agriculture made its entrance, so did cows and horses. And yes, to this day, we love a good horse steak on a Sunday. 

We never feel guilty for being at a restaurant every weekend. We simply can't get enough of the traditional meals you find at the many Belgian restaurants, which we don’t often get to prepare ourselves. Because one thing is certain, the fries we buy at a fries shop are very different and somehow more delicious than the ones you make at home. 

Belgian gastronomy is of course much more than chocolate, beer, fries and waffles. Our kitchen is so varied that even if you are a difficult eater, you will find something you love. If you are planning a trip to our beautiful country, you'll find recipes on the menu such as  Flemish beef stew, Mussels with fries and Vol-au-vent, so naturally we had to transport these dishes to our own Belgian restaurant at the Belgian Pavilion.

Come and try them all!