Media Accreditation

Expo 2020 Dubai

Media Accreditation Process

All media organizations wishing to attend and cover Expo 2020 Dubai (either in person or remotely) are required to apply for media accreditation, which will permit access to the site, including the Expo Media Centre (EMC), and use of dedicated on-site media services and facilities as well as permit media organizations to request access to the Expo 2020 Dubai Media Asset Management System. This System contains audio and visual content in the lead up to and during the event. Authorized users can remotely access content on the Media Asset Management System for editorial use.
For general accreditation to the Expo site (this accreditation is valid for 182 days, but does not automatically include entry or accreditation to any of the country pavilions or certain Expo 2020 pavilions) you must register at Tawassul. 

How to do this:

After going through the accreditation application (to receive entry to Tawassul), once inside, the Tawassul portal will lead you through the following steps. When you have completed the process and have been granted accreditation by the Expo Media Team, you may contact us directly to request accreditation specifically for the Belgian Pavilion and for a specific date. You may contact us directly at or, or ask for our details via Expo. Please consider: it is only possible to enter our pavilion -as a Media person that is- (or any other country pavilion you wish to visit for that matter) when you have received the full Expo Media accreditation. 
In short: Access to pavilions and third party spaces

  • Accredited media access to Participant and Partner pavilions is managed by the pavilion Media Liaison Officer/pavilion owner (so via or
  • Accredited media must contact the pavilion Media Liaison Officer/pavilion owner directly to request access to a pavilion at least 48 hours in advance. Any requests received within 48 hours will be reviewed and managed by the pavilion Media Liaison Officer /pavilion owner on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Upon approval, the pavilion Media Liaison Officer/pavilion owner will provide details for access. 

So again to summarize: 

Please keep in mind: Your approval to access Tawassul, is not a media accreditation application. This is only the first step in your approval for accreditation. Each organization must submit a media accreditation expression of interest to commence the media accreditation process.


For any further inquiries please contact us at or