Expo 2020: Brussels shines in Dubai




Brussels Economic Mission to Dubai

On the occasion of the prestigious EXPO 2020, will accompany, from 31st January to 4th February, a delegation of a hundred Brussels companies and cultural partners led by the Secretary of State Pascal Smet to Dubai in order to build Brussels’ reputation overseas and create business opportunities.

A series of economic, politic and cultural activities will be organized from the Belgian pavilion – but also beyond EXPO 2020 –, in order to:

  • create high-level networking opportunities with local companies and authorities; 
  • promote our economic dynamism and ecosystem; 
  • showcase Brussels’ know-how and actors stimulating the city’s development.

The mission will highlight the following sectors, including visits, official meetings and workshops:

  • handicraft and Brussels high-quality products; 
  • financial services and fintech innovation;
  • real estate, construction, and urban development.


Handicrafts, high-quality products and much more…

From 1 to 4 February 2022, Dubai Design District will host an exclusive Brussels Corner showcasing the best high-end brands from the Belgian capital. It will welcome regionally based retailers who would like to find out more about the high-end retail landscape of Brussels and connect with brand representatives.  

A rich and varied cultural program

The Belgian Pavilion will welcome prestigious actors from the Brussels cultural scene to showcase the richness and creativity of Brussels culture.

Ommegang Procession: The famous Brussels grand scale traditional and historical event will exceptionally move to Dubai that week for a series of performances as part of the EXPO 2020 in order to showcase Brussels' heritage on the world’s scene. Animations in front of the Pavilion are planned from February 2nd in the afternoon.

Jazz Station big band: Toots Tillemans, the famous Brussels musicians often honored as the best jazz-harmonica-player in the world, would have turned 100 in 2022. The Jazz Station big band will offer an overview of his musical career during this Brussels mission and perform in several formations to introduce the public to the richness of his jazz music. A stage installed in front of the Pavilion will welcome them in the afternoon from February 2nd.

Charles Kaisin: The Belgian designer will exhibit from February 1st the participative project "Origami for Life” that he created to help healthcare during the pandemic. Thanks to the tens of thousands of individual works he collected, the artist produced installations that crossed the borders.